Facebook Offer for “Mind Trace”

Right now, you can claim an offer (Facebook exclusive only!) for a 40% off coupon code for the paperback version of “Mind Trace!” It is redeemable only through the Createspace store, at the following link:


That’s a savings of almost $5.00! Take advantage while the offer lasts. You can find the link for the offer on the Facebook page:


It is good for the first 250 people! Please spread the word!

Another Successful Giveaway

My second giveaway on Goodreads has officially closed, and this time, two lucky readers will receive a copy of “Mind Trace.” (Congratulations to the winners!) Almost 700 people entered the giveaway!

Things have been slow on the public front as of late, but quite busy behind the scenes. I am trying to get things rolling on the second book, getting it published through a traditional publishing house this time. If you’ve had any experience with publishing novels, you know that everything takes a super LONG time. I will keep you updated as things progress, but there are no updates as of now.

I may have mentioned this before, but it is not a direct sequel to “Mind Trace,” (but that one is not far away!) Instead, this explores a new character within the same universe. It also takes a less technical track, and focuses more on fantasy elements. This book takes place deep in the heart of the Guatemalan jungles, and explores the secret things hidden there (including some Mayan mythology!)

I’ve also started briefly outlining the plot for my third novel, which remains largely undecided at the moment. It is starting out more like the second book, which was inspired largely around one idea. The plot just wound its way around that central idea. With “Mind Trace,” it was a lot different. I had thought about that story for a long time before I ever thought about writing anything down.

I will say that writing a novel in general is a much, much more difficult proposition than I had ever imagined. I enjoy it immensely, but it is like any other job, and requires a lot of hard work, especially trying to make your thoughts come out logically on paper 🙂 You think it makes perfect sense, because you have the whole story in your head. It takes a while to figure out how to add in the right details and leave out the ones that don’t add to the story. I am still learning!

I digress. I will attempt to be more diligent in my updates, but chasing around a two year old can definitely be distracting! Expect delays around the end of May, as our second little one will be joining us! (It’s a girl!)

Birthday Celebration

Hi all,

In celebration of my upcoming birthday (on Saturday!) I am going to feature the Kindle version of Mind Trace with a free promotion on Amazon. So, if you have a Kindle, or know anyone who does, you can get Mind Trace on your Kindle for free, anytime during January 4th-5th.

In summary, I get older, and you get presents! 🙂  Works for me.

For those of you that don’t have a Kindle, you should also know you can download the Kindle app free on your iPhone or Android devices, or for your computer, and also read the book for free (during the promotional period!).

Hope you all had a great holiday! Happy New Year (and Birthday to me!)

Holiday Updates

Time is hard to come by during the holidays! Between food, family, and festivities, I have not had time to update this blog in a few weeks.

The giveaway on Goodreads has two more days until it ends. There’s still time to enter if you haven’t yet had a chance. So far, there are over two hundred entries (a much better turnout than my last giveaway)!

I’ve also been spending some time working on my second novel, which is now in the editing phases! There is no pending release date as of now, but I hope it will be completed sometime during the Spring of next year. It is not a direct sequel to “Mind Trace,” but it is in the same universe.  There are a few passing references to subject matter from “Mind Trace,” but nothing that would require you to have read that novel to understand this one. I have a title picked out, but I am keeping it under wraps for the time being. The new novel is more of a fantasy, and less science fiction, but still an exciting story! Expect action and suspense with a whole new set of characters!

If any of you have any questions or ideas for subjects you would like to see on this blog, please feel free to shoot me a message on Facebook, or leave a comment on here. I’m open to suggestions!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Goodreads and More

I recently discovered Goodreads.com and set up my author page there. I’m not sure where I’ve been the past few years, but this is an excellent website to find, review, and recommend books to fellow readers.

Because it will be December (tomorrow!) and I wanted to test out the cool features of Goodreads, I am having another contest on their website. It will start tomorrow (Dec. 1) and run through Dec. 20th.  This time, the prize is an autographed copy of “Mind Trace!” So, if you didn’t win last time, please enter again for another opportunity, and tell your friends!

You can enter to win here:


Good luck!

Contest Ended

The contest is officially over! Check back tonight or tomorrow to see the winner!

**EDIT: The winner has been chosen!

There were a total of 7 entries (including one that got lost on another post), and through random selection, Natalie Domanick was chosen as the winner!

Congratulations Natalie Domanick! Please send me a message through the Mind Trace page on Facebook with the address you would like the book to be shipped to.  Or, if you’d rather have the Kindle edition, please send me your email address.

**Note: If you do not respond in 72 hours, I will randomly select another winner! So please respond quickly!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and while I would have preferred a larger turnout, there’s always next time! Check back on the blog for more contests and updates!

Book Giveaway!

In order to get the word out there and generate some excitement, I decided to have a little contest.  The winner will receive a free copy of Mind Trace!

The rules are simple.  Leave a comment on this post if you would like to be entered in the contest. I will select a random winner after the contest ends, and post the winner here, on my webpage. So check back on 11-28-2012 to see if you won!

Good luck!


  • One entry per user.
  • Contest will run from 11/20/2012 to 11/27/2012, 6:00PM CST.
  • One winner will be picked on or around 11/28/2012.
  • Prizing will be mailed out within 2 weeks of selecting a winner.


One (1) winner will receive:

A copy of Mind Trace, by Holly McCaghren.

Some things to note:  If you are chosen as the winner, please send your contact information via a Facebook message to my “Mind Trace” page.  I will announce the winner here, on my website, so please check back here when the contest is over.

*If you do not respond within 72 hours,  you will forfeit your place, and I will select another winner. If that happens, I will post the new winner at that time.  

Amazon is Speedy

Well, it happened much faster than I expected, but you can now purchase both the Kindle and paperback editions of Mind Trace on Amazon now!

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Trace-ebook/dp/B00A8JBEBC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353093746&sr=8-1&keywords=Holly+McCaghren

Paperback: http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Trace-Holly-E-McCaghren/dp/1475083920/ref=lh_ni_t

It will take a little while for Amazon to finish uploading the information, like the picture for the paperback edition, linking the Kindle version to the paperback version, and some other minor things. But you can begin purchasing now!

I’d like to thank my family and friends for being so supportive, and for patiently reading my manuscript and offering feedback, grammar corrections, and pointing out plot holes. It’s been an interesting journey, but all your patience and help has finally paid off!

Be sure to “like” my page on Facebook, and help spread the word!

Excerpt from Mind Trace

Enjoy this excerpt from Mind Trace, which will be available on Amazon in a few weeks!

As she was closing the side cargo compartment on her Ducati, a deep velvety voice spoke behind her.

“Going somewhere, Alice?”

She wheeled around so fast that she tripped over the wheel on her bike and fell down onto gravel.  As fast as she could manage, she stood up and found herself backed against the opposite sidewall under the carport.

It’s him!

Eric stood there, on the edge of the opposite wall. He was dressed in a perfectly fitted, expensive-looking suit, leaning casually against the wall as if he had every right to be there. A smirk teased the corner of his lips, and his eyes glittered menacingly down at her. She quickly glanced around, trying to assess her chances of escape. She didn’t see anyone else around, but she had to assume that there were others, currently hiding out of view.

How did this happen? I should have known better. I should have been prepared! What am I going to do? I have to stall him until I figure out a plan.

“Wha-What are you doing here?”  She finally managed to ask him.

Eric smiled; a confident look on his face.

“Alice, dear. Let us not feign ignorance. You know very well why I am here. You took something from me, and I want it back. It’s really quite simple.”

“How could I possibly have anything that you want? I don’t even know who you are!”

“Oh, I think you know exactly who I am. That is irrelevant though, because I know for a fact that you gained unlawful access to a large amount of data that did not belong to you. You are going to take a little trip with me, so we can discuss all of this in great detail.”

He paused, and then turned his head, glancing behind him, mouth opening as if to speak.  She saw four men dressed in black tactical uniforms seemingly materialize, fanning out behind Eric.

You have to be kidding!

Alice looked around, rapidly calculating the best possible route of escape.

Now or never.

Without hesitating, she bolted around the edge of the carport, running as fast as she could in the direction of the forest surrounding the cabin.

She heard Eric’s voice behind her. “Alice, be reasonable! You can’t expect to escape.”

If I can make it to the trees, I can find a place to hide. It will be much harder for them to find me there.

As she was running, a man suddenly appeared from behind a tree, blocking her path. She panicked and as he reached out to grab her, she ducked underneath his outstretched hands and continued running.

His hands closed on thin air, but he recovered instantly and began to run after her. She knew that he would catch up to her far before she ever reached the woods. Her best chance to evade capture was to confront him while she could still use the distance between them to her advantage.

She turned, and instantly assessed the situation. Her mind began to pull up information about pressure points and the best way to disarm an incoming opponent. The man didn’t seem to question her sudden change of heart, only running faster as she stopped.

Given his weight and approximate speed…If I hit him at just the right angle and pressure, he will be incapacitated.

When he was within feet of her, she acted. She kicked him in the side of the knee, making perfect contact. His knee resounded with a sickening crack.

Ouch. That seemed a lot less painful in my imagination.

Alice winced at the pain that ran up her own leg, unaccustomed to that kind of behavior. The man crumpled and fell, momentarily immobilized in pain and shock.  Alice noticed a tranquilizer gun in the holster on his leg. She quickly relieved the stunned man of his weapon.

Before she could start running again, two more men began to approach from the direction of the cabin. She pulled up the gun and fired two perfect shots. Both men fell to the ground, unconscious.

Did I just do that?

The first man that she had attacked was starting to get up; Alice panicked and quickly resumed her escape.

She was about twenty feet from the edge of the trees when she began to hear a high-pitched whistle. As her brain identified the sound as the launch of a model X84 net-projecting gun, she knew it was too late.

The net wrapped completely around her and she fell helplessly to the ground. Her vision was severely limited by the netting.  Several men came into her field of view, and one of them spoke firmly, “We have her.”


It was Eric’s voice.

No, no, no. This can’t be happening.

“Prep her for our flight. It needs to go as smoothly as possible. Have the rest of the team search the cabin and bring in anything that might give us some answers.”

She heard footsteps approaching, and within a few moments, she could see Eric. He bent over her so that he was inches away from her face.

None of this was supposed to happen. If I would have just deleted that stupid email!

“I hoped you would be reasonable, Alice. However, my plans are non-negotiable.”

As Eric was speaking, she felt a tiny prick on her upper arm. His voice started to fade.

“Don’t worry, dear.  When you wake up, we can discuss exactly what happened Friday night.”

She could see his hazy outline as he stood up and moved back. Then sleep overcame her as she felt herself being carried away.