Long Lost Updates

Well things have certainly been busy!

First of all, my husband and I are now the parents of two precious children :). However, we were all in for a surprise when we found out that our little girl was actually a little boy, and we had no name picked out!!  Just goes to show you that sometimes ultrasounds can be interpreted incorrectly, even by an “expert.” 🙂 But we welcomed little Logan into the world on June 11th and couldn’t be happier.

Also after much consideration, I recently went back and released a second edition of “Mind Trace.”  As far as the plot, there are no changes, but I went back and had it professionally edited and released the new edition, handling a lot of the typos that had gone unnoticed prior to its publishing.  A free update was provided on the Kindle platform with these changes.  It has certainly been a learning experience, but I hope that my future books will reflect all these things I have learned.

To keep things organized, I created a new tab with some of the resources I found useful in this publishing business. I will be updating this as I have time, but it can be found here: https://hollymccaghren.com/resources/

Other exciting news! My second book is in the proofing stages and I expect it to be released within the next month. Look for it on Amazon and Kindle when it is released! More details to come on that in a future post.  Note: It is not a sequel to my first book, but I will be continuing Alice’s adventures in a future novel!

Stay posted for updates about book #2!

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