Facebook Offer for “Mind Trace”

Right now, you can claim an offer (Facebook exclusive only!) for a 40% off coupon code for the paperback version of “Mind Trace!” It is redeemable only through the Createspace store, at the following link:


That’s a savings of almost $5.00! Take advantage while the offer lasts. You can find the link for the offer on the Facebook page:


It is good for the first 250 people! Please spread the word!

Another Successful Giveaway

My second giveaway on Goodreads has officially closed, and this time, two lucky readers will receive a copy of “Mind Trace.” (Congratulations to the winners!) Almost 700 people entered the giveaway!

Things have been slow on the public front as of late, but quite busy behind the scenes. I am trying to get things rolling on the second book, getting it published through a traditional publishing house this time. If you’ve had any experience with publishing novels, you know that everything takes a super LONG time. I will keep you updated as things progress, but there are no updates as of now.

I may have mentioned this before, but it is not a direct sequel to “Mind Trace,” (but that one is not far away!) Instead, this explores a new character within the same universe. It also takes a less technical track, and focuses more on fantasy elements. This book takes place deep in the heart of the Guatemalan jungles, and explores the secret things hidden there (including some Mayan mythology!)

I’ve also started briefly outlining the plot for my third novel, which remains largely undecided at the moment. It is starting out more like the second book, which was inspired largely around one idea. The plot just wound its way around that central idea. With “Mind Trace,” it was a lot different. I had thought about that story for a long time before I ever thought about writing anything down.

I will say that writing a novel in general is a much, much more difficult proposition than I had ever imagined. I enjoy it immensely, but it is like any other job, and requires a lot of hard work, especially trying to make your thoughts come out logically on paper 🙂 You think it makes perfect sense, because you have the whole story in your head. It takes a while to figure out how to add in the right details and leave out the ones that don’t add to the story. I am still learning!

I digress. I will attempt to be more diligent in my updates, but chasing around a two year old can definitely be distracting! Expect delays around the end of May, as our second little one will be joining us! (It’s a girl!)